Swastik The Band

Swastik The Band

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About Swastik The Band

Swastik the Band, founded in 2005, brings together a very unique blend of Hindustani entwined with cultures across the world. They compose Indian music on western rhythms, with a pinch of Indian Folk and Sufi to give a very unique depth and complexion to their compositions. Highly energetic performances coupled with folksy smooth undertones traverse eras which helps them connect with a wide audience instantly. Their performances are keenly awaited in colleges in cities and towns around the country. Besides colleges, the band regularly performs at leading music festivals, corporate events, product launches, conferences, awards nights, and private events across India.

  • Band members

  • Rohit Joshi
  • Paarth Koser
  • Vipul Chopra
  • Hardeep Singh
  • Pankaj Sharma
  • Madusara Liyanage
  • Arpit Manaktala
  • Source: Jogi Song Youtube