Arun Justa

Arun Justa

Folk Artist

About Arun Justa

Arun Justa: Explore the Soulful Pahari Folk Music from Kotkhai, Shimla. Indulge in the enchanting melodies of Arun Justa, an esteemed Pahari folk artist rooted in the scenic beauty of Kotkhai, Shimla. Known for his resonant voice, Arun has crafted a musical journey with hits like "HARUL Bamniye 2.0" and "Kore Le Pyaro Ra Karar," reflecting the cultural tapestry of Himachal Pradesh.

Popular Songs by Arun Justa:

  1. HARUL Bamniye 2.0
  2. Madho Singh Raja
  3. Raoshe Thache Bangiye
  4. Kore Le Pyaro Ra Karar
  5. Chaien Gey Dasiye
  6. Dharo De Lage Maiko
  7. Kothe Nogre
  8. Chidiye
  9. Raghudasa
  10. Musheya


  1. Safar The Journey
  2. Betaaj Badshah
  3. Chilman

Arun Justa's music stands as a timeless celebration of Himachali heritage. Immerse yourself in the cultural richness and melodic charm of Arun Justa's creations, resonating with the spirit of the Himalayas.