Flotrix - Redman

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Artist:Flotrix , ft. Cutterfly
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Redman Lyrics

real magic sworn book of honorius
The horniest, shit ll hit you like pneumonia,
Why the holiest places are a gorefest most goriest
The notorious, it's a bad case of deahoria I be Pourin it
Lyrical vomitin, on yo coffin kid, plus all the shit u talked n quipped things I can never accomplish bitch 
Yo body is a picture of God, n I be croppin it 
Heatin n contrastin it choppin it
Round the clock clockin it, real one hip hoppin it
Pop lock stock rockin it, ain no stoppin it

I'm not real unfleshed, ain no hypothesis
I be at the cornerstore Vinnie pazzin it never Rick Rossin it.
No generosity, honorin the atrocities, against so called emcees, ima eat all emcees like they all entrees, Make yo girl feel all sultry,

Ya be tossin salads I be on the mic crossin limits
You lost in gimmicks I be Bossin midgets, 
I'm the warlock n wizard, connected to  forest spirits 
Like Ozz n Blizzard, jack hammer rhymes got power in em 
Fly down like a pterodactyl n eat all like one bit
After that you can call yo dumb bitch have ma cum licked from ma hung dick which is dumb thick
Then I'll love to see them burned quick
Cuz i'on have much time on me, 
Got other grinds ta seek, grounds to keep
Bounds ta leap, sounds to make, money mounds to heap
So this is a robbery stay calm n please 
We armed to teeth, handover the cash n don't call police
You don't want yo brains kissin the carpet geez 
We don't talk to these we just pop emcees
Only Rob emcees, We demonic god emcees

Now you feelin jumpy, go fuck a dumb tree
Been there done that I've done all dumb things
Youza bitter gourd, then why I called you pumpkin
If I need a hole ill call pumpkin
If you need a hole you call Dunkin

Donuts, yo rhymes got no nuts
80 bars gon get its throat cut
Ten bars on each arm I'm an octopus
Watch yo nuts fo I chop yo nuts 
N check yo self fo you wreck yo self
Or yo urn like books decked on shelves
Heck dont tell Im straight stemmed from hell, 
Be careful around me like you stepped on shells

I'll sure make you evil so strong is duress
I don't make no promises you can call me a threat
Bled first I on know why it rhymes with Fred durst
You live long in yo nest cuz let the strong shed blood

Of a martyr, you don't want to catch me in close quarters 
My lyrics are post mortem, I chose god n you chose stardom
If you beg fo money i'on even beg fo pardons
Hardened partisan lyrical artisan, 
makin arts of

Stars n constalletions, wars on Mars fo hours n hours on end 
Kill darth with his leg, hip hops these parts are the dread
To the mainstream, so they may scream in a burn ward bed

My conscience is an evil turned conscience, 
Praise Satan traits n , get it all taken, bones braken, 
I'm super man men, with no Cape n blatant
Dick black like a raven, lemme put it in a safe haven

As you said youll lay naked to be with clay Aiken
Lay wasted, Stay awakened, like some alien races
To The planet that I belong, thru space im racin
With a spindley body n a grey face n in a Spaceship
Stand on, jet turbo fans on, I'm already late bitch
I gave hits cuz y'all take hits, from celebrities

They appear hard but they are brittle, fucken critters 
Doin rituals for maloch n eatin kid fritters
end up in my wood chipper

If I cud I wud bicker, but I'm more like snatchin my rights
Catchin my flight, cashin my dimes, cuz rhymes hit you like a jet crashin from heights 
Disciplined jogger of the  passage of time 
cuz the rashes of time are like rashes from grime,

Attacked in surprise, you see flashes of light, flashin yo life, pack you on ice, heart black n disguised
TRIXTER n Redman this is Attack of the Titans
Yess sirrrr sirrr